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Journey is more beautiful than the destination!

on March 9, 2013


I have always wondered why it is said that journeys are more beautiful than the destination. But I think now I know why. Being in the final year of college, I can relate to this quote. It’s the time when we’re about to graduate and go out and make a name for ourselves (Hopefully ;)). But the journey so far has been so memorable. There were times when I was happy, times when I was sad, times when I was lonely and yes, times when I chatted with my crush almost every day ;). But college is about to end. And I can proudly say now that these three years of college has taught me so much and has given me umpteen memories to cherish forever. For that I am always grateful to my college.! And hopefully, the next journey will be as beautiful as this one!

Well, rightly said. Journeys are always more memorable than the destination!


4 responses to “Journey is more beautiful than the destination!

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  2. College was a remarkable journey but was glad to get to that destination and be over with it. I will admit that my new journeys were enhanced by college. Then I went on to get two MA’s and still read everyday fiction, non fiction and current events.I am 66 and would just dry up and die without new journeys. Thanks visit my blog.

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