The be-all and end-all

Life's sweet and sour surprises!

on March 16, 2013

Want your views people!

The be-all and end-all

There is outrage, anger, sadness, sympathy, disappointment and what not. People want nothing but death penalty for the criminals. But it makes me question – Is it the ultimate solution? Will such heinous crimes not happen ever again if we give death sentence to these criminals? Will there be change in the minds of people who commit these crimes or think of committing? Will there be change in the way women are treated today? Will there then be a new morning full of hope and positivity? If yes, then go for it. But, if you think that these things are still Utopian, then think again. Think again, before you go out on the streets and demand for death penalty.


Yes, it’s true that this heinous crime deserves death sentence. But thinking that death penalty will stop such crimes from happening again then it’s absolutely wrong. There have been so many cases where…

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