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When There Were No Cell Phones!

on March 23, 2013

I always wonder what it would be like to live a day without the cell phone, facebook, twitter, and Worpress. In short a day without the virtual world. And I have even tried it once, but in vain. I have become so habitual to being a part of this virtual world that I cannot even think spending a day without my laptop and cell phone. It’s not like I feel bad about it. No. I don’t. I like it. And we are all a part of it and so obviously, we all have to go with the flow. It’s like you have to catch up, or else fall behind. 😛



I always feel that the period known as classical ancient period, must have been so beautiful, graceful and magnificent. That world fascinates me. That world of kingdoms, kings, queens, flowing garments, long hair, big gardens, no traffic, no pollution, is what I admire and wish to live in ( I know it’s impossible! ). And one such thing of those times which I never stop eulogizing is the ravishing and exotic beauty of The Taj Mahal, the symbol of eternal love. It took Shah Jahan twelve years to get it built. Do we see such proofs of true love today? L If yes, then please share it with us.


Even the 19th century fascinates me. People really connected to each other back then. In real. And not just on facebook or through SMS. They walked miles to see their lovers residing far away. They wrote letters. And those were not just letters. Those were letters which carried love and romance with them. The fluttering-with-anxiety feeling whether the letters had been delivered or not. If yes, then when will the reply come? That must have been the true test of any relation. Sometimes I wonder whether my “future lover” 😉 would write long poems for me. I hope so!


Till then I will keep dreaming and wishing! 🙂


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