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Idol Worshiping!

on April 29, 2013

I am a Hindu. I have a “Mandir” at my home. I visit temples. I believe in God. And I don’t mind idolatry.

I feel that temples are there to remind us that God exists. Idolatry is a way to not forget God. There is peace, calmness, and serenity in the religious places. These places bring back calmness in our lives. I know He is omnipresent. He can not be found in temples. But idol worshiping brings some kind of psychological satisfaction that yes, He is THERE and He is watching over us.

What’s bad if one gets a ray of hope through idol worshiping?


14 responses to “Idol Worshiping!

  1. acriticist says:

    Uh, the ‘H’ in ‘He’ shouldn’t be in capitals in between the sentences I suppose, if you remember how to use punctuation(s) you learnt in your elementary classes maybe? 😛


  2. acriticist says:

    I know you’re 21. I know you’re a commerce student, where gimme’ a five yo!
    But which college and course exactly is what I’m curious about? 😛

    And yes, I’m secretive, a mystery that maybe you can never resolve unless and until you’re patient enough to stay that long to know me. 😀


  3. acriticist says:

    We’ll* 😛
    You didn’t tell me your college and course, by the way. 😛


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