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What Is It With Cricket And Name-Calling?

on June 10, 2013


Is cricket really a Gentleman’s game? I don’t think so.

There is one thing I always notice in almost every match and that is – NAME CALLING. And it’s not started just recently. It is as old as cricket itself.

In India, cricket is religion. Be it kids, youngsters, or elderly, everyone watches it with full zest and absorption. But what is it that is demeaning cricket’s image? Sledging/ name calling. When any sport is watched by billions of people around the world, it automatically affects the mindset of people, especially KIDS. What are kids learning from these cricketers? That is how to react when you get any wicket, how to abuse your opponent when he hits a six, how to take out your anger by insulting your opponents. 

Such attitude definitely affects the country’s image as well. For example- The Australians were labelled The Ugly Australians in 1974-75 for their verbal abuse. Not only the cricket team’s reputation is marred but also of the country’s. And this is just an example I have taken. This is not just about Australia. Every cricket team has some players who are famous, or rather I should say, notorious for name calling.

In 2008, Harbhajan Singh of Indian Cricket Team was accused of racial abuse towards Andrew Symonds, player of Australian Cricket Team.

I also noticed Bhavneshwar Kumar, bowler of Indian Cricket Team, abusing the opponents’ players after taking their wickets. The abusing is not heard on the TV but one can definitely lip-read and make out that he has just insulted the player (Those of you who know the Hindi abuses).

Cricket is followed by tens of thousands of kids. And these attitudes are also being followed by the kids. Cricket is a sport and if the cricketers can not show the sportsmanship, then they don’t deserve to be called a member of the Gentleman’s game. 

They may get wickets and hit sixes. They may earn records and fame. But they won’t be able to earn RESPECT. 


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