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Be Kind and Smile!

on August 25, 2014

In this fast and ever-changing world, people have got no time to think about anyone but themselves. And I am not blaming them or judging them here. I myself am a part of that. Such is the rush and desire to be ahead of everyone else that comes the dawn, and people start to get ready for the day ahead, planning each and every task carefully so that they don’t lag behind. And I am no other. Every single day at 9 in the morning, I hurry to reach office on time, completely ignoring the elderly guards who sit near the hostel gate. Probably one of the guards realized that this girl was never going to greet them in the morning, that one day he himself wished me good morning, which made me feel embarrassed and guilty somehow, as they were elder to me and I was the one supposed to show respect towards them. It definitely made me ponder on the kind of life most of us live; a life where making somebody else happy, or showing respect to a stranger, is not on our priority list.

And from the very next day, I started to greet them every morning I went out and every evening I came back and the joy on their faces is inexplicable. They even started to ask me “Kaise ho aap?”, “Office theek raha?”, “Khana kaisa milta hai waha?”, and stuff like that. And it feels nice, somehow.

It is always nice to take some time out from our so-called busy schedule for such people who get happiness from these little things every day. It is true we all crave for kindness, we all get lighted up with a smile from a stranger, and we all wish to be respected. The only thing stopping us is that we think we have no time.

Well, I have started trying to follow the below mentioned motto. You can give it a shot too!

Be kind, greet with a smile, and brighten somebody’s day!



3 responses to “Be Kind and Smile!

  1. Indeed a smile can change someones day! I tell my children when they are mad that they should try to carry on being mad but with a smile.
    It usually changes up their mood fairly quickly.
    Great blog, fun to find it!

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