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Heya fellow bloggers and my readers!

I am currently reading ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ and like million other readers in the world, I share the same view that this book grabs your attention from the very first page. And I even found that powerful quote (which is going to be my all-time favorite quote now) on the first page itself! I wonder what the rest of the pages have in store for me! πŸ˜€


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Kindle For Windows- Free Download!

All the book lovers out there, now you can install the Kindle Reading App in your Windows for free and read all the free e-books available on Amazon on your PC!! Isn’t it amazing?

The prices of the books keep fluctuating, so download the free e-book as soon as you can. On the Amazon website, if any e-book is available for free, it will show as Rupee 0.00 and you can download the e-book straight to your Kindle Reading App. Recently, I downloaded a few bestsellers for free!! A Great Gatsby, A Tale of Two Cities, Pride and Prejudice were some of the books available for free.


You can also give it a shot, and do tell me whether you enjoy reading on Kindle or not.

Till then, Happy E-Reading! πŸ˜‰

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My ‘To-Read’ List for 2015!

Well, I know it is March and I am already three months late in starting my marathon of books this year. Life had been pretty busy lately, hence, the delay. But better late than never!

I Heart Books Center

I resolve to read 14 books this year (approximately 1.75 books every month), a few of them, which I have already zeroed in on, are listed below (the actual count, I hope, turns out to be way more than just 14 by the year end πŸ˜› ):

  1. The Bhagvada Gita: I am halfway through it and I have to have to finish it. It’s a heavy read and requires a lot of concentration, which I have been finding difficult to devote owing to my hectic work life. But it shall be finished and hopefully by May this year.
  2. The Dancing Bees- An Account of the Life and Senses of the Honey Bee: It fascinates me how bees or ants live and survive in this world. I wonder how they communicate with each other, do they have any language, do they speak, can they hear and et al. I expect this book will provide me with all the answers and will leave me content!
  3. The Last Mughal: Because it’s been rated 4 out of 5 on Goodreads and because I love history!
  4. The Fountainhead: My bookworm friends had recommended this book to me a hell lot of times and I still never felt inclined to buy it and read it. But this year, I resolve to read it in order to end the mystery of why it is one of the bestsellers.

These are the only ones I have zeroed in on as of yet.

Well, now comes the time to go shopping for these books (got the salary as well today to splurge on the books) :P.


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Quote in Every Day by David Levithan

Every Day by David Levithan

Every Day by David Levithan


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