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A Rainy Day- Look Up!

A rainy day brings up different moods in different people, I believe. For people in love, it must be full of romance and happiness. For some, it might be an opportunity to sit alone and read or write or contemplate with a steaming cup of coffee beside them. And there must be some to whom a rainy day brings up memories from past- good and bad.

However, for me, this day was a happy day. On this day, I was looking forward to a lot of new things/ new changes happening in my life. I was optimistic, hopeful, and “living in the moment”. For a person like me who loves to “go with the flow”, this day definitely is a treasure of wonderful memories!


Look Up & Be Hopeful (Monsoons in India)

This post was in response to the Daily Post – Look Up.
Look Up



Edward: Pleased to Meet You, Scarlett.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pleased to Meet You.”

The protagonists are:

Scarlett O’Hara- Gone with the Wind


Edward Cullen – Twilight


It’s 1861 and Edward is 100 years old. He is wandering around in Georgia in search of blood, animal’s blood. He is thirsty and disgruntled and lonely. He finds nothing and no one but just when he is about to turn back, he sees a girl, dressed in a long floral dress, working diligently on a plantation. That’s Scarlett. She is working on her plantation, Tara plantation, the only thing which is dear to her. She lives for that land, her own land which she has grown after working day and night. Never before had Edward seen such a beauty. He took no time to fall in love with her.

Edward: Excuse me. I am looking for Mr. Hamilton’s residence. If you can help me with the same, I would be very grateful.

Scarlett: I know no one named Hamilton. Now if you will please excuse me.

Edward: I see you are worried. Is there anything I can help you with?

Scarlett: Fiddle-dee-dee. Can’t you see I am working? Now go away and let me work.

Edward: I just offered to help you.

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