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Happy HOLI- The Most Colorful Festival in India!


Today is HOLI, one of the most colorful and bright festivals of India. People celebrate this festival with full fervor and zest. Be it children, youngsters, or elderly, all get into the mood of this festival and play with colors and spray colored water on one another. There is another very popular activity of throwing water balloons at one another. I would say that it’s the most FUN festival of India as nobody feels bad even if the water balloon hits him/her hard. There’a a saying which everyone uses today “Bura mat maano, Holi hai” meaning “Don’t mind, it’s Holi”. Loud music is played as clouds of different colors fill the air. In the evening, we light bonfires which has a mythological significance and is known as ‘Holika Dahen”.

It is believed that the combinations of different colors played at this festival take all the sorrow away and make life itself more colorful.

During this festival, people are supposed to forget about any rivalries and start new healthy relations with all. Though it is a festival of Hinduism religion but every religion in India celebrates this festival and is a great proof of secularism, diversity and unity in the country.

Happy Holi friends !! 🙂


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