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The Face in the Mirror

Whose Face am I looking at?

The glitter in your eyes,

The sparkle in your smile,

The laughter on your lips,

Where is it all gone?

This reflection of mine

It is not what I used to be.

I am what you have made me, dear!

I am your choices,

I am your regrets,

I am your hardships,

I am your struggle,

I am your courage.

But, how did I forget to be happy?

You did not forget to be happy, dearest!

You merely forgot to live in the moment.


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The moment it came into sight

The colour purple brightened the smile

A leap of faith

A breath of fresh air

I knew the moment will last a lifetime.

Guarded and secured

Honest and different

I fell into a quiet introspection.


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The God is a God of Justice, not you ISIS!

The war that you wage,
The crimes you commit against the humanity,
What do you want to prove?
That you are the ‘Rulers of the World’?
By killing hundreds and thousands of people,
By setting fire to someone’s loved one, Read the rest of this entry »

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When This Cruel War Is Over!!

This is the poem I read in the book “Gone with the Wind”. And ever since, It’s been my favorite poem of all time! However, It was a war song, originally written in 1863.

Dearest one, do you remember when we last did meet?

When you told me how you loved me kneeling at my feet.

Oh, how proud you stood before me in your suit of grey

When you vowed from me and country never to go astray

Weeping, sad and lonely, sighs and tears how vain!

When this cruel war is over

Pray that we meet again!


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Gift of Life

Life is the most beautiful gift ever

Given to us by God,

It has its ups and downs

But  still one is afraid to think of the time

When it’s gone.

Do what you want to do

Say what you want to say,

As I know how it feels like

When it’s too late.

Speak your heart out

Have no regrets.

Life is limited

Make it the best.

There are some who want to give up,

And I’d say to them

Think of those who are striving so hard

Just to be able to live another day.

Bad things happen to people,

Whereas you get to be with

Your family on a holiday.

Feel blessed you’ve got

To live another day!


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