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Adele rocked it!

I happened to come across this video while surfing the internet and woah! It took me no time to fall head over heels in love with her voice, her smile, her eyes.

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Hating Any Celebrity?


Ok, I know everyone has some likes and dislikes for people, especially the celebrities. But what I don’t understand is that why people hate the celebrities they don’t like.

Some artists are your favourites and some are not. It’s okay. But hating is too much. Posting ridiculous and indecent comments about them is too much.

I see people posting hateful comments about Justin Beiber, Kristen Stewart, Adele and the list goes on. Why? They don’t even know them personally. Rather, they don’t know them at all. They make their own perceptions and comment about their personal lives. Who gave them this right? These people send out so many negative vibes by doing all this stuff.

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