The be-all and end-all

Life's sweet and sour surprises!


I so want to do blogging, read books and novels, and watch my favorite tv shows instead of calculating tax liabilities!
I hope there are people who can sympathise and empathise with me.


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Journey is more beautiful than the destination!

Journey is more beautiful than the destination!.

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Journey is more beautiful than the destination!


I have always wondered why it is said that journeys are more beautiful than the destination. But I think now I know why. Being in the final year of college, I can relate to this quote. It’s the time when we’re about to graduate and go out and make a name for ourselves (Hopefully ;)). But the journey so far has been so memorable. There were times when I was happy, times when I was sad, times when I was lonely and yes, times when I chatted with my crush almost every day ;). But college is about to end. And I can proudly say now that these three years of college has taught me so much and has given me umpteen memories to cherish forever. For that I am always grateful to my college.! And hopefully, the next journey will be as beautiful as this one!

Well, rightly said. Journeys are always more memorable than the destination!


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