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Aesthetic: Travel Pictures

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Here are some photographs from my various trips which I find totally aesthetic (in response to Daily Prompt- Aesthetic) :



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The Forty Rules of Love – Daily Prompt – WORDS


The last book which I read was “The Forty Rules of Love” by Elif Shafak. It was published in 2010.

Ok, so why did I choose it? Well, I went into a bookstore, I picked this book  up, read the back cover and instantly this book clicked a chord in me, and I bought it. This is how I chose it, or maybe this is how the book chose me. 🙂

The story is set in two worlds. One is contemporary and the other is set in the thirteenth century.

The contemporary story revolves around two people – A married woman and a writer. It tells how these two persons, totally opposite, living in different continents, get in touch with each other and fall in love.

The thirteenth century story is about the famous poet- Rumi and his spiritual mentor Shams of Tabriz. Shams is a spiritual monk who illuminates the readers through his Forty Rules of Love.

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When My Scooter Broke Down- Daily Prompt- Kindness


It was deadly hot in the month of June. I knew I was running short of gas but I was pretty sure I would make it to the gas station with whatever amount of gas was left in my scooter. But, booh, somewhere mid-way, my scooter gave up! It couldn’t make it to the gas station.  And there I was, standing all alone in the scorching heat, trying to figure out what to do.

Then I decided I would “walk-along my scooter” and take it to the gas station. I was walking and walking and “pushing” my bike in the hot weather when suddenly a car stopped by.

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