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Why Do Girls Blame Themselves After Rape?

The thing is sometimes the girl blames herself in some situations like if she went to some party and got drunk and the unfortunate incident took place. I say why should she blame herself? It’s those ruthless, heartless, soulless creatures who stooped so low and took advantage of a girl who was not in her senses. I say it’s always the guys who rape are to be blamed. They don’t have any moral values. They should feel guilty and not the girls. They don’t have any right to your body even when you’re drunk, unconscious or whatever be the case. What is wrong is wrong. I don’t know why rapists want to do it in the first place. May be that’s one way they want to show their dominance. But they don’t know they have proved their filthiness.

I salute all the girls who have braved this storm and with their will power they have come out as a dauntless, courageous and confident woman!



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The be-all and end-all

There is outrage, anger, sadness, sympathy, disappointment and what not. People want nothing but death penalty for the criminals. But it makes me question – Is it the ultimate solution? Will such heinous crimes not happen ever again if we give death sentence to these criminals? Will there be change in the minds of people who commit these crimes or think of committing? Will there be change in the way women are treated today? Will there then be a new morning full of hope and positivity? If yes, then go for it. But, if you think that these things are still Utopian, then think again. Think again, before you go out on the streets and demand for death penalty.


Yes, it’s true that this heinous crime deserves death sentence. But thinking that death penalty will stop such crimes from happening again then it’s absolutely wrong. There have been so many cases where…

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