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A Rainy Day- Look Up!

A rainy day brings up different moods in different people, I believe. For people in love, it must be full of romance and happiness. For some, it might be an opportunity to sit alone and read or write or contemplate with a steaming cup of coffee beside them. And there must be some to whom a rainy day brings up memories from past- good and bad.

However, for me, this day was a happy day. On this day, I was looking forward to a lot of new things/ new changes happening in my life. I was optimistic, hopeful, and “living in the moment”. For a person like me who loves to “go with the flow”, this day definitely is a treasure of wonderful memories!


Look Up & Be Hopeful (Monsoons in India)

This post was in response to the Daily Post – Look Up.
Look Up



The Face in the Mirror

Whose Face am I looking at?

The glitter in your eyes,

The sparkle in your smile,

The laughter on your lips,

Where is it all gone?

This reflection of mine

It is not what I used to be.

I am what you have made me, dear!

I am your choices,

I am your regrets,

I am your hardships,

I am your struggle,

I am your courage.

But, how did I forget to be happy?

You did not forget to be happy, dearest!

You merely forgot to live in the moment.


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