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When My Scooter Broke Down- Daily Prompt- Kindness


It was deadly hot in the month of June. I knew I was running short of gas but I was pretty sure I would make it to the gas station with whatever amount of gas was left in my scooter. But, booh, somewhere mid-way, my scooter gave up! It couldn’t make it to the gas station.  And there I was, standing all alone in the scorching heat, trying to figure out what to do.

Then I decided I would “walk-along my scooter” and take it to the gas station. I was walking and walking and “pushing” my bike in the hot weather when suddenly a car stopped by.

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Am I the only one here who’s not able to get what BuddyPress is exactly about? Or how to run it? Basically, what to do after making an account?

Totally confused!

Are you guys there on BuddyPress? If yes, then can anyone please tell me what steps to follow.

Succinct explanation in simple words would be very helpful! 🙂



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