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This is a message that I have written for my 16-year-old (younger) self as a part of the #DearMe campaign:

Hey girl,

Right now everything must be all goody-good around you, and the only worry you must be having is your board exams. I’d tell you to not take tension about all these petty things- exams, looks, crushes, career, future!! Because in a few years, you’d realize what matters most and that is your family and nothing else. All that matters is that your family is happy and healthy; everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae. I’d ask you to enjoy each and every moment with your loved ones; go out with them, go out often, click loads and loads of pictures with mom dad and di, spend more and more time with them instead of trapping yourself in your room to study all the time. In a few years time, you’re gonna face a lot of challenges, you are gonna learn to be strong, you’ll learn how to remain positive in every situation, you’re gonna witness the real problems and you are also gonna come out of those strongly. In a few years, you will be away from your family and will long to be with them at every moment. People are gonna change, you are gonna change. You will learn some hard lessons after going through a lot of drama in your life. All I have to say is be strong and brave, be independent, smile often, respect yourself enough to walk away from what makes you unhappy, and enjoy life!! Do not care a bit about what others do, about what others are gonna say, about how others treat you!! Don’t be bothered by anything and anyone. Love your family and trust that everything’s gonna be alright in the end. You definitely are gonna be more than alright in a few years, girl! Just keep going!

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Thank you WordPress!

I am so grateful to WordPress or you can say the “world of blogging”. Thank you for giving us bloggers a platform to express our views, to share our thoughts, to connect with the outer world, to gain knowledge, to learn new things, and what not!

Blogging has helped me to view the world in a whole new way, in a different and better way. I feel connected to the world, even though I’m sitting at my home with a laptop on my lap! I feel contented after sharing my thoughts with you all. It’s like a respite. Respite from what? That I dunno. But it feels good.

And I hope to connect with more and more people here, to learn new things, and to read what this world, full of talent, has to tell. Totally fascinated by the pool of talent here! 🙂



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