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Be Kind and Smile!

In this fast and ever-changing world, people have got no time to think about anyone but themselves. And I am not blaming them or judging them here. I myself am a part of that. Such is the rush and desire to be ahead of everyone else that comes the dawn, and people start to get ready for the day ahead, planning each and every task carefully so that they don’t lag behind. And I am no other. Every single day at 9 in the morning, I hurry to reach office on time, completely ignoring the elderly guards who sit near the hostel gate. Probably one of the guards realized that this girl was never going to greet them in the morning, that one day he himself wished me good morning, which made me feel embarrassed and guilty somehow, as they were elder to me and I was the one supposed to show respect towards them. It definitely made me ponder on the kind of life most of us live; a life where making somebody else happy, or showing respect to a stranger, is not on our priority list.

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When My Scooter Broke Down- Daily Prompt- Kindness


It was deadly hot in the month of June. I knew I was running short of gas but I was pretty sure I would make it to the gas station with whatever amount of gas was left in my scooter. But, booh, somewhere mid-way, my scooter gave up! It couldn’t make it to the gas station.  And there I was, standing all alone in the scorching heat, trying to figure out what to do.

Then I decided I would “walk-along my scooter” and take it to the gas station. I was walking and walking and “pushing” my bike in the hot weather when suddenly a car stopped by.

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