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The God is a God of Justice, not you ISIS!

The war that you wage,
The crimes you commit against the humanity,
What do you want to prove?
That you are the ‘Rulers of the World’?
By killing hundreds and thousands of people,
By setting fire to someone’s loved one, Read the rest of this entry »

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When This Cruel War Is Over!!

This is the poem I read in the book “Gone with the Wind”. And ever since, It’s been my favorite poem of all time! However, It was a war song, originally written in 1863.

Dearest one, do you remember when we last did meet?

When you told me how you loved me kneeling at my feet.

Oh, how proud you stood before me in your suit of grey

When you vowed from me and country never to go astray

Weeping, sad and lonely, sighs and tears how vain!

When this cruel war is over

Pray that we meet again!


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