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Aesthetic: Travel Pictures

via Daily Prompt: Aesthetic

Here are some photographs from my various trips which I find totally aesthetic (in response to Daily Prompt- Aesthetic) :



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Let’s Talk About Music!


Dear Readers,

I have not been keeping well from last 5-6 days, which has proved good in a way that

A. I am back to blogging

B. I got the time to listen to some really cool and different music on YouTube

Therefore, here I am, back with some cool new music recommendations. I hope you like ‘em:

  1. A drop in the ocean- Ron Pope

A drop in the ocean

A change in the weather

I was praying that you and me might end up together

It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert

But I’m holding you closer than most ’cause you are my heaven

  1. Pictures of You- The Cure

If only I’d thought of the right words

I could have held on to your heart

If only I’d thought of the right words

I wouldn’t be breaking apart

All my pictures of you

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8 To Go!!!

Hey everyone!! I am just eight short of hundred followers. I started blogging in March 2013 and I think it’s a pretty good number to look at! 😀

Way to go!!!


Blog Editing – Complicated for a newbie !

All this while I was in misconception that I have edited my “about me” in the homepage. But hey, no, editing a blog is not a cakewalk ( what I used to think). I didn’t know Gravatar profile is different from your profile which will appear in your homepage. But thankfully today, while I was checking my stats, I saw that a visitor checked out my “about me” page (not a common sight in my stats ). And that’s when I clicked that statistic and opened “about” page and ho! what do I see? Something written like ‘this is another page like your homepage and blah blah’. A visitor comes to my ( a newbie ) profile and leaves with disappointment. Sorry my dear visitor for wasting your time ( He-he ). But now I have edited it (yay), though still not very creative. But something’s better than nothing.

Also, I see so many profiles and homepages which are beautifully customized and creative. Great work people! This makes me realize that my computer skills are close to none.

And one more thing. Even though I find editing the blogs a bit complicated, I still love WordPress! 🙂


Thank you Wordpress!

I am so grateful to WordPress or you can say the “world of blogging”. Thank you for giving us bloggers a platform to express our views, to share our thoughts, to connect with the outer world, to gain knowledge, to learn new things, and what not!

Blogging has helped me to view the world in a whole new way, in a different and better way. I feel connected to the world, even though I’m sitting at my home with a laptop on my lap! I feel contented after sharing my thoughts with you all. It’s like a respite. Respite from what? That I dunno. But it feels good.

And I hope to connect with more and more people here, to learn new things, and to read what this world, full of talent, has to tell. Totally fascinated by the pool of talent here! 🙂



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